Thursday, October 8, 2009

Rent the whole Mid Century Modern Hotel for New Years Eve

Making big plans for New Year's Eve? If you (and your 600 closest friends) are willing to go to Denver, you can take over an entire hotel for the evening. And pay for it on eBay.

The Curtis Hotel, a boutique with a mid-century modern theme and 330 rooms, has started an auction to sell its services for the night of Dec. 31. The winning bidder gets use of all the rooms, as well as the hotel's grand ballroom, live music, champagne, caviar, dinner, breakfast (and, of course, all the staff) to pull off a once-in-a-lifetime party.

It's not unprecedented for a hotelier to rent out an entire property to a single client, but it's a sales tactic more common with smaller hotels. With such a large number of rooms – on a busy night for hotels – the price is likely to be steep; by the beginning of this week, there was already a bid for $50,000 (U.S.), which didn't hit the hotel's minimum price for the auction. But that means the door is still open, and the auction doesn't end until Sunday.

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